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Are People Around You Getting Ill?

A GIFT For You And All This Christmas

There Is Nobody At The Wheel Of This London Bus

On THE HIGHWIRE with Del Bigtree, a Man who is not afraid to go where others fear to tread

Dr. Pierre Kory Goes to Hollywood

It's Time To Give Power Back to the People. But How?

Be Warned: Supermarkets Do Not Sell Food!

The World Council for Health Shop is Now Open!

Addressing the Covid-19 Human Rights Abuses and Restoring Law and Order

What should we believe and who can we trust?

Are you Covid vaccine-concerned? A spike protein and heavy metal detox may help.

How to “Opt-Out” from the Big Tech Social Credit System


Exploring the Human Path with my new friend enna reittort

Waiting for PRINCIPLE

Politicians Worldwide Can No Longer Claim Ignorance of the WHO Power Grab

FYI Archbishop Justin Welby, Jesus Would Not Approve

Stand up for Truth and Justice, they can’t crucify all of us

We need more heroes like Dr Mark Trozzi

The uplifting email I received this week

Why was there a fast-track approval of a new genetic technology as a pesticide?

My Letter to Dr Andrew Hill Video

Starting to question the Covid narrative?

The TOGETHER Files 1: The Andrew Hill connection - How the principal investigator leaked interim results to a private ivermectin research group

It’s Not Just mRNA in Those Covid Shots! Labs Find Vials Contaminated with Plasmid DNA

Are You Ready For The Great FreeSet Challenge?

Urgent Expert Hearing on Plasmid DNA in C-19 mRNA Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

EXPERT HEARING on VACCINE DNA CONTAMINATION is NOW LIVE in the World Council for Health Newsroom.

The Most Important Article: Mini-me update

Holding the General Medical Council to Account over Covid-19 Conduct

5 ways to skin a (genetically modified) cat

Your World Council For Health Is Countering The Globalist Power Grab – Here’s How!

Open letter to the MHRA

SHOCKING But Not Surprising: German Whistleblower Finds DNA Contamination Up To 354 Times Recommended Limit in BioNTech-Pfizer Killshots

Is Breastfeeding Post mRNA vaccination Safe?

The Journey of a Health Revolutionary Featuring Dr Peter McCullough & Dr Tess Lawrie

The Truth: No Vaccines Are Safe For Children

World Council for Health Proposes New Approach for Childhood Vaccines

Proof of a mRNA Disaster! A Buried England mRNA Data Avalanche has been Exposed. We can now Compare the % of All Cause Death (by Vaccination Status) with the % of Vaccine Uptake.

The Truth: No Vaccines Are Safe For Children

The Great FreeSet Starts NOW!

Why We Should All STOP Self-Censoring

Human Trafficking: A Call for Action — WCH Policy Brief

Stopping pedophilia, pornography and child sexual abuse

BREAKING--Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

70 million students are being told they have to get the jab before school starts.

The Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy — WCH Policy Brief

If vaccines don't cause autism, then how do you explain all this evidence?

We Are Warriors: Our Jam for Freedom Festival Experience

Small pox vaccination caused small pox. Covid-19 vaccination caused ?

Dr Andrew Wakefield was right all along

Can You Overdose on Ivermectin? Dr. Pierre Kory's Answer Will Shock You

A short interview with community journalist Tim from Fair Play UK at Jam 4 Freedom

BOMBSHELL: FDA Admits Guidance on Ivermectin was Illegal, Invokes 'Sovereign Immunity' for Misleading Statements (& Crimes Against Humanity)

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Aside From Deaths & Injuries, How Are C-19 “Vaccines” Performing for Covid Infections?

My 'Thank You' gift to paid subscribers this Sunday

The Age of Graphene: Billion-Dollar Dreams

Clive Freeman: Does he have to die to be free?

AI and the end to all things ...

#MyIVMStory for World Ivermectin Day

Australian GP sues Pfizer and Moderna over unapproved GMOs in mRNA Covid vaccines

Rise 026 - Klaus Schwab's Willing Executioners

The Invisible Elephant in the Room

Take a break to restore your sense of humour


Preventing damage caused by radiation pollution or electrosmog

A tribute to Samson

The sexual exploitation of children

A Force to Be Reckoned With

How to Exit the Matrix: Part 1

Everybody’s favorite AI wrote a nice story… part 1

What is sovereignty and can you spell (or SING) it?

Race horses equipped with mobile devices are dropping like flies: Cellphone Taskforce alert

On grifting, gripes and gossip

On grifting, gripes and gossip

News about a Truth Summit from 12th-23rd June

From Thought Control to Free Thought

Do you want the WHO to be given legally binding authority over your health, freedom and sovereignty?

Could our reality be like a matrix simulation? If so, how do we break out?

If your amended rental agreement looked like this, wouldn't you want to read it?

We have been gifted an EPIC Warrior Anthem for Better Way Conference 2023

The WHO has declared Covid over but the real pandemic has just begun: iatrogenic C19 ‘vaccine’ injury

The many forms and faces of activism

Where music, art and science meet

Where music, art and science meet

London “eerily quiet” on the coronation eve of a WEF puppet king

What is wrong with the Covid jabs that they are hurting so many people?

Truth warrior from down under

You Tube cancels another good man

The future of Nursing

Is ‘Extra-Terrestrial Invasion’ the next chapter in The Megalomaniac’s Handbook? [Audio-version]

Is ‘Extra-Terrestrial Invasion’ the next chapter in The Megalomaniac’s Handbook?

Is there a link between Covid and 5G? This expert thinks so

Is there a link between Covid and 5G? This expert thinks so

We are no longer an unsuspecting public

The planning is still occurring in plain sight

Have we been using the wrong tactics?

Lessons on freedom and sovereignty on the last train home

Could diet be contributing to cognitive dissonance?

Listen to our elders

The pirate ship is sinking

Feeling weird? You could be electrohypersensitive

On frequency wars and hobbies

Ivermectin and cancer: reserved for horses?

Join me at our movie premiere tonight

Homeopathy for long Covid

There’s a reason why the Queen had a homeopath

The magnanimity and triumph of our human spirit is exemplified in Bob Marley

Why Are They So Desperate To Keep Little Old Ivermectin From You?

The taming power of the small

Healing yourself through presence: The Mindbody Syndrome

Can chronic physical pain be created - and therefore dissolved - by the mind?

The breathtaking power of grassroots science

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Degrees of Freedom from our Slave System

The deadly toll of antidepressants

Are We On Drugs Or Something?!

Are we on drugs or something?!

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Living with vaccine injury

What it’s like to be vaccine injured in 2023

Changing Your Mind Is A Strength Not A Weakness

How to starve cancer

Someone's impersonating me on Substack

Can cancer really be cured with ivermectin and other safe, old treatments?

This Substack is evolving - please help me decide how

How to opt out of a technocratic state

Government literally means ‘mind control’

If cellphone radiation is safe, why won’t insurers cover it?

Could electrosmog be as bad for our health as Covid-19 injections?

Let’s Emancipate Ourselves From Mental Slavery In 2023