How to starve cancer

Tess Talks with cancer survivor and patient advocate Jane McLelland

Jane McLelland is a cancer survivor and author of the book, How to Starve Cancer. After qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist, she worked in the UK’s NHS and private practice for twelve years, specialising in Neurology and then Orthopaedic.

Through determination and exhaustive research, Jane managed to beat her Stage IV cervical cancer – having been given just weeks to live. She has since been educating and helping people with cancer around the world and in 2019, won the Lifetime Achievement Award ‘Amazing Women Global’ for unsung heroines.

This conversation is packed with information that can save lives.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • A ketogenic diet can help starve some cancers, but is contraindicated in others.

  • The skin of sweet potatoes has anti-cancer properties – so no more binning the peel!

  • Cancer tries to find different routes to feed itself – so it’s essential to block all pathways, not just one.

  • Different cancers will use different, dominant pathways, so the treatment strategy must be tailored accordingly

  • Safe, effective, repurposed drugs such as ivermectin are an essential element of blocking the right pathways – but they’re usually overlooked (surprise, surprise)

  • Cancer stem cells are unaffected by chemo and radiotherapy, so they’re left behind to seed new tumours. It’s essential, then, to target these - Jane explains how

  • Ferroptosis is a strategy that effectively weaponises cancer’s need for iron, stopping it in its tracks

This is a rich conversation with so much valuable information and I learnt so much speaking with Jane. Please feel free to share with anyone you think may benefit.


Visit Jane’s website to explore further

I warmly encourage you to visit Jane’s website for more information. Her book, How To Starve Cancer is available to buy, and she also offers an online course. I warmly recommend taking a look; I certainly think many doctors and medical professionals would learn so much from Jane’s expertise.

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