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On frequency wars and hobbies

On the daily EMF onslaught scrambling our bodies, minds and spirit. But first, a little bit about my Covid hobby...

An audio version of this post can be found at the end of this post.

I’m sure you will agree, there is so much to intellectually nourish one these days. Covid has definitely inspired much creativity: one only needs to see the huge numbers of literary works and podcasts that have emerged in the past three years, not to mention art and music.

Watching ‘something’ tends to render one immovable, yet listening to podcasts leaves one with hands free.  I cannot keep up with all the amazing conversations taking place, but when I do tune in, I like to keep my hands busy.

My mother knits but, being left-handed, I could never progress my knitting prowess beyond plain stitching scarves. My grandmothers and mother gave up trying to teach me because of the back to front workings of being a leftie. If you are a left-handed knitter, I am impressed.

I’ve taken up painting, which is a bit more forgiving: one doesn’t need to wear the product! Whilst the execution is definitely naïvely wanting, I am usually able to impress my amazing art teacher friend with my enthusiasm, if not my aspiration to capture difficult-to-draw subject matter.

For example, in my latest effort I attempted to depict humanity held captive in a glass box, trying to shield from (invisible) radiation emanating from satellites and cell phone towers, and increasingly disconnected from God, our Source energy, which is competing for power to awaken and evolve us through (invisible) electromagnetic waves from the heavens.

Yes, I agree, the notion may sound rather ambitious for a beginner but I may have pulled it off. What do you think?

I appreciate the subject matter may be a little ‘out there’. Many people don’t consider electromagnetic radiation, natural or otherwise, worthy of serious consideration in the context of human thought, behaviour and wellbeing.

To this I would invite reflection on the following:

How does a cell phone work? It receives waves from cell phone towers and satellites. So then how do our brains work? They certainly don’t just work on chemicals, as some may like to pretend. Might they receive waves from the cosmos? Might our unique thoughts respond to these waves? Indeed, what comprises our thoughts, might they be waves too?

Given we are electrical beings, might our entire make-up be receiving and emitting radiation? I know many of you will already be saying ‘yes, of course!’ because you have long been aware that we are more than just biochemical organisms. That said, it still amazes me that we have somehow ended up swamped in an ever-thickening soup of artificial radio frequency (RF) radiation that evidence shows is messing up our bodies and our planet.

This is a subject I explore with my next Tess Talks guest, Professor Olle Johansson (see clip above).

Professor Johansson is a world-leading authority on the health impacts of artificial RF radiation. Indeed, he defined the term ‘screen dermatitis’ to describe the sunburn-like skin irritation caused by radiation, which has since evolved into what is now termed electrohypersensitivity, or EHS. This is where people experience a range of debilitating symptoms due to overexposure to RF radiation. So, besides skin conditions, this can include headaches, poor concentration, metal taste in the mouth, heart palpitations and so on. It’s currently accepted as a functional impairment, but there are moves to change that, and not for the better, as he explains in our conversation.

Professor Johansson has sat in parliaments, congresses and symposia around the world, presenting the science and listening to industry ‘experts’ and politicians discuss the risks and benefits of the next raft of EMF technology. As he makes clear, artificial RF radiation is a juggernaut with no one at the helm even checking to see whether it’s safe.

It bears similarities with the Covid vaccination debacle, in that a novel, untested technology has been unleashed on an unsuspecting population. There’s at least one important difference, however: with the Covid injections, one could always say no. With RF radiation, there was no opportunity to give or not give our consent: like it or not, most of us are surrounded and bombarded these artificial waves, particularly those of us living in urban areas.

What does this mean and how do we find and create a better way? I cannot think of a more brilliant, generous and informative guide to help us answer this question than Professor Johansson. I hope you will join us for our Tess Talks, posted this Sunday at 10:30 am London time.

In the meantime, back to our hobbies. If Covid inspired the artist in you and you have a new Better Way hobby, do share your artwork and outputs – perhaps we can feature them here on this Substack, with your permission of course.

Art is integral to the better world we are co-creating, so let’s all get creative – be it in our gardens, kitchens, music rooms, or elsewhere, with knitting needles, a trowel or guitar. More than anger and resistance, it is our passion, love and good vibrations that will see us through.

Thank you very much for reading/listening and enjoy the rest of your day!


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