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Is there a link between Covid and 5G? This expert thinks so

Is there a link between Covid and 5G? This expert thinks so

Tess Talks with Dr Beverly Rubik

Do we permit cigarette smoking in classrooms and airplanes?

No? Then why then do we permit WiFi radiation – everywhere?

Thank you to readers for the wonderful comments and conversations following my last post about Covid and 5G. I have learnt a lot from you all.  I would like to highlight this short video shared by reader Jane Lewis, which shows the deep level of ignorance among those unelected ‘authorities’ that have a ridiculous amount of power over our health and well-being.

Currently, we are all exposed to WiFI radiation whether we like it or not, and there are no studies that prove that the extent of our Wifi exposure and addiction is safe.

I am now aware that thousands of studies suggest the potential for harm. In a previous post I referenced the ICNIRP guidelines, which cunningly use a safety standard for mobile phone use of just 6 minutes and relates to thermal effects only!

In today’s Tess Talks conversation, I discuss with Dr Beverly Rubik how we can protect ourselves and our families from the electromagnetic soup to which we have not consented (but sadly not yet objected to firmly enough either!).

Dr Rubik suggests that as much as 30% of people are currently electro-sensitive, which may manifest as depression, brain fog, headaches, and generally not attributed to electrosmog at all. Among her solutions include ‘Clear Zones’– WiFi-free sanctuaries – where people who are electro-sensitive can live without interference. Recognising that those who are electro-sensitive now are realistically the canaries in the coal mine, and with the exponential increase in exposure, this will ultimately be all of us, I feel.

Encouragingly, I recently found out that a city in Germany has implemented nightly WiFi shutdowns in public spaces to reduce overall radiation exposure –  others are sure to follow.

I trust that this Tess Talks will get you thinking not only about the health implications of WiFI radiation but also about sovereignty, consent and our freedom to choose.

For example: Should town councils have the right to irradiate all public spaces? Should private individuals have the right to irradiate their neighbours? Should schools have the right to irradiate our children? Should businesses have the right to irradiate their patrons and employees? Should megalomaniacs with satellites have the right to irradiate the whole world and its offspring?

Personally, I don’t think so but have a listen to the podcast and see what you think?

A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie
A Better Way to Health with Dr Tess Lawrie Podcast
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