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If cellphone radiation is safe, why won’t insurers cover it?

Tess Talks with 5G activist Ian Jarvis

If you’re wondering about radio frequency radiation and in particular 5G, Ian Jarvis is a good person to speak to. He has dedicated himself to researching 5G and the issues around all RFR/EMF/WCR, and works as part of Wolves Action Group to prevent more 5G towers from being erected. 

He has over 30 years of IT practical experience for the UK government and private industry, as well as some 25 years experience in body therapy and movement. He also happens to have one of the earliest degrees in computing science available in the UK. 

In our conversation, Ian speaks about the issues with RFRs and why 5G is of particular concern. There’s a reason why insurers don’t cover risks associated with RFRs; it’s the same reason we need to be extremely cautious in how we use wireless technology and devices.

This Tess Talks comes with an apology: we had hoped to have this conversation before the holidays, in time to allow parents to think twice about buying children the latest wireless tech for Christmas. However, better late than never, and Ian has some good tips on how to get people (and children) thinking about the devices they use.

This is an important matter that affects us all. I hope you enjoy our conversation - and if you’d like to explore this further, there are some good links in my previous post.


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