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Feeling weird? You could be electrohypersensitive

Tess Talks with Professor Olle Johansson

If you think you probably aren’t electrohypersensitive, consider this: according to Professor Johansson, studies have shown that the reactions seen at a molecular and cellular level in people with EHS as a result of exposure to RF radiation, are also seen in healthy people. This suggests we are all impacted by RF radiation, it’s just that not all of us have noticed, or joined the dots yet.

Those regular headaches, or difficulty concentrating, or poor memory, could just be down to diet or a particular illness, or lack or exercise, or something else. But they could also be down to EHS. The point is that we do not know.

If you thought that the Covid injection roll-out was an insane mass experiment, just consider what’s been happening under our noses with the roll-out of 3G, 4G and now, 5G. As Professor Johansson explains, these roll-outs have not taken place based on human need, but on greed, and proper investigations into the safety of these novel sources of radiation simply have not been done. Professor Johansson poses the excellent question:

“If we don’t know it’s safe, should we really be taking a chance on it and allow everyone to be exposed?”

This is about health, but it’s also about sovereignty and informed consent. Who decided all this wireless technology was a good idea? When were we consulted? How do we reclaim our right to consent to what happens on our shared planet and in our societies?

This Tess Talks may be on a challenging subject but Professor Johansson is a warm and generous guide. He shares eye-opening anecdotes from his time on the front line of this particular battle over the last few decades, and offers reassurance and inspiration that change is possible.

Industry and government love to give the impression that the future is a done deal, that we all have to simply accept these innovations as an inevitable feature of human progress. But this is a fiction. The future is in fact an ocean of infinite possibility and we always have the power to shape what comes next and say no to what we never consented to.. For ourselves, and the next generation.

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A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie
A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie
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