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I recently came across a very interesting article (too long to post here)

concerning the effect of original radio waves relative to the research by Marconi and

Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval.The latter became aware of the adverse health effects whilst

Marconi did not and both he and his first wife had very adverse health problems.

Further it does appear that whilst Marconi was experimenting here on the Isle of Wight

(the first shore to ship radio message was transmitted by Marconi from the Needles on the west coast of the Island)

the Island Bee population was almost decimated.

So goodness knows how we are now being damaged.

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Very few people know how to quantify their RF exposure. Cellphone tower maps as well as information about your own devices is public and available to everybody:


The biggest offender might be in your shirt pocket.

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I am very aware of the experience of it, since 2009. I understand it is externally created and affects the natural. I recommend safe emf equipment usage to keep the natural emf of the universe and ourselves, animals,, birds, insects and all living creatures safe.

Carolyn, NZ, 27 March 2023

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