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Dr. Malone’s substack of this morning asked all to please donate. I most certainly will. You are a true warrior. God bless you Dr. Lawrie. My prayers are with you.

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We know who is behind the WHO, so really scary for sure. Thank you for all the good fight.

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Thanks for your dedication. The WHO is attempting to become the Vatican of healthcare, and it will fail, just as much as the Vatican had to forgive Galileo eventually, even if it took 350 years. They will have to back down eventually, it may just be a very painful and long process. For anyone who can read statistics, it is clear we never had a pandemic, only a pandemic of not thinking, as Dr. Tom Cowan calls it. If 95% of Covid deaths in 2019/20 had 4+ comorbidities, and 67% had 6 or more, then all we ever had is a comorbidity problem, never a virus problem. Garbage attracts flies, but flies are not the cause of of the garbage. That is the essence of terrain theory to me, regardless of the fairly academic point if the virus has been isolated or not, or if it causes the disease, whether it exists or not, it is clearly an epiphenomenon of the real disease which is diet and lifestyle. And we know from Lifestyle Medicine that these chronic diseases which are the most popular causes of death today, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, auto immune diseases and so on can almost all be largely or wholly prevented or reversed with a whole foods, plant-based diet. In fact, last year, a paper was published in BMJ documenting that people on a plant-based diet had a 73% reduction in risk of 'moderate to severe" Covid outcomes. I can attest to that, at age 70, 7 years on a #WFPB diet, with BMI 23, upping my vitamin D from my usual 2000 iu daily to 5000, some C, Zinc, Quercetin, and some NAC, lots of liquids and lots of insipid TV, I was over Covid in a week.

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Thanks for all you do Dr. Lawrie. Here is my submission from two days ago: maybe others can use it as a starter!

Substantive Elements in a new international instrument for pandemic preparedness and response should INCLUDE:

-- no legal obligations by any city or county or their police / militia to enforce WHO laws, rules, or dictates regarding: 1) shutting down any business for any reason, 2) NO forcing of any human to submit to drugs, treatments, or any substance that interacts with the body, 3) No forcing any human to wear any mask or body covering not proven with high statistical proof(95% Confidence and N > 10000) to be effective at reducing community risk, 4) No experimental vaccines, gene therapy, or medical treatments of any kind shall be allowed on any human for any reason.

-- Complete transparency to all WHO documents, access to all WHO scientists by any human who asks within 24 hours with no redaction of any kind on any document under pain of jail by all preventing such transparency and access.

-- Full proof of existence and full isolation of any and all pathogens claimed by any agency inside or outside the USA using Koch's rules.

-- Full electron microscope image proof of viral or pathogen existence with a jury of observers in attendance

-- Full Proof of pathogenecity.

-- Local and county authorities will have higher jurisdiction and power than any Federal or outside US organization including the WHO and CDC and NIH to choose to enforce external rules or dictates of any kind or communicate with citizens regarding such.

-- No action shall be allowed on the part of any body, group, or agency outside the USA to implement physical, psychiatric, or financial effects on citizens of the USA directly or indirectly.

-- LEGAL, informed consent in all cases of offering any medical treatment.

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I'm shaken reading this. Who on earth do they think they are that they can make decisions for the world's populations just because the have a title? They must be shilling for the pharmaceutical industry. I really think they are sick. Well I'm not taking any of their 100 day vaccines as long as I live.

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Dear Dr Tess,

Thank you for your courage and determination, I hope you aren’t too disappointed, at the response.I know you have a steely centre. As I submitted my comments, I knew deep down that no one would ever read them. But at least you know we are all with you.😊

This is part of a well oiled plan started years ago, and asking for our comments is just a tick box exercise that the UK Gov have colluded with.The problem is we, all loving caring, empathetic people of this world, are at a disadvantage, trying to apply logic and fair rules.

The WHO and large NGO’s with wealthy backers (more money than some countries) have rigged them.

We all have to work tooth and nail applying psychology to win over the disbelievers, not complying where possible, educating ourselves with the facts so that we can speak with conviction ( never anger)I am optimistic by nature but this will be one hell of a fight.

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I agree completely. I am scheduled to speak third during the final session.

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Just sent my comment to WHO and believe I've just squeaked under the comment deadline. Many thanks to you, Dr. Lawrie, and to Drs. Malone, Cole, Cory, McCollough, etc. and all the other medical and research professionals who bravely stepping up to raise worldwide awareness to this most dangerous direction that global humanity is careening toward. You are heroes all!

Here's the text I submitted to the WHO, borrowed liberally from your suggested topic list so that I might be able to get my comment timely submitted since just reading Dr. Malone's substack only this morning.

"I vehemently oppose this WHO proposed global agreement which is both unnecessary and unwanted. Every human must retain the God given basic human right to bodily autonomy and to make one's own decisions about what and when to be subjected to medical procedures.

National and local leadership must retain full autonomy, while reserving the right to make decisions based on what is best for their own people.

This includes he ability of nations and local municipalities to opt out of any and all portions of any agreement as they see fit, without consequence.

At all times, this must be an open and transparent process with the ability for all people of the world to vote on including fail-safe measures that will prevent the application of any global agreement in any place where a majority of the people do not want it.

Also measures must be adopted that explicitly prohibit any influence in the process by any and all pharmaceutical companies or other global health profiteers.

Thank you for permitting my input."

I've also signed on to your important substack as a paid subscriber this morning. May God bless you and keep all you brave souls safe to continue His important work for humanity.

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Thank you Dr. Lawrie. Fired off a written response to WHO this morning. Standing in with you in support as well as all of our physicians who are in the eye of the storm. God bless you and keep you strong.

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Tess, thank you and the whole WCH so much for everything you do! I submitted my written statement, asking for a democratic process, the retainment of human rights, the sovereignty of goverments, the respect for the freedom of choice of every individual and a transparent and accountable to the public WHO. Yes, no idea whether any of this will be heard or make a difference. But I join you in the belief that it is necessary to state these and speak out.

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You are a modern Joan of Arc DrLawrie. I also retweeted Malones stack about you this morning as well and will sign on as a recurring world council for health supporter

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Thank you Dr Lawrie for so bravely sacrificing your last career for the sake of humanity. We laymen are doing all we can but so it’s hard to get friends and family on board to hear that the jabs they have had are so dangerous after they were convinced(and my family and friends still are) that they would be saved by them. Who would have ever have thought that so many people could have succumbed to such mass coercion. I think your new career is just beginning, I love that you are able to turn what must be total frustration into looking ahead with optimism to the future of a new kind of healthcare system. I’m right behind you. Bravo to you.

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I do not believe our Federal government has the right under our constitution to enter into this sort of agreement. It would need to get the consent of all 50 states.

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Here's something I've been thinking about a lot after my initial panic and rage subsided- the "take and hold ground" phase of thinking, as Fathermouth would put it.

From the above article:

So if a nation concludes a vaccine is not safe – as has happened in this last pandemic – the WHO would have the power to override that and jab their population anyway.

Very scary indeed.

Who (no pun intended) is "overriding" and "jabbing anyway"? What actual people are on the ground doing this in a country that had decided to buck the agreement? Are they soldiers, policemen, health workers? From where? Wearing whose uniform, and what are they empowered to do if people resist being "jabbed anyway"?

If the country that bucked the treaty tries to expel or imprison or forcefully repel the "WHO Jab Marines" for going after their citizens on sovereign soil, are signatories obliged to go to war against them, like NATO?

The more I thought about this, the more ridiculous it sounds, like virtually every strongly- worded statement from any department of the United Nations. Sure, honey, I'm officially condemned.

Just like when China (fuck, EVERYONE) clutches the UN's skirts when other countries do them dirty and then rightly "refuse to acknowledge their unlawful interference" when they need to kill a bunch of Uighyurs. The only people getting policed by blue helmets are third world nations with weak militaries who want free police. No other nations would tolerate that incursion.

Here's the bottom line: a WHO "treaty" is simply going to give cover to nations that were going to engage in public health tyranny of their citizens anyway. The ones that were gonna, will, the ones that weren't, won't.

If you're worried, fight to stop your own national government from tyrannizing you. Whatever bullshit the WHO says is simply wordy justification, not cause, for them tyrannizing you.

Make your government a government that's going to protect your freedoms and flip global organizations the bird when it doesn't suit their purposes, like they always do.

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Dear Dr Laurie. I used to love the WHO and what it represented but it is clear to see that it is now captured by private individuals and organisations including people with agendas. Bill Gates makes millions on his vaccine stocks and shares if his 'philanthropy projects' get the go ahead. Gates openly stated that his 100 day vaccine would skip the safety part of the clinical trials! What world are we living in where this is okay? The Medicines Healthcare and Regulatory Association (MHRA) are a joke too. I watched one meeting where they spent the majority of a meeting praising themselves and a dame and less than five minutes discussing adverse reactions to these vaccines (this was only addressed because a member of the public asked). Most of that short discussion on adverse reactions involved them speaking about them bringing in a new automated system to monitor adverse reactions! They aren't even monitoring the one they have now effectively!

I knew the WHO was lost when they posted on Facebook that vaccine immunity was better than natural immunity shortly after the vaccines were rolled out. In the absence of long-term data on safety and efficacy, no one can make such assured statements. Even the people who made this do not know what the long-term impacts will be. This makes it even more horrifying that healthacre regulators globally have said with such confidence that these vaccines are safe and effective, and safe for use in pregnant women and children! Have birth statistics been released yet? I honestly feel so demoralised that so few people understand science, bioethics, and the drug development process in order to understand just how wrong this is. This is totalitarianism under the guise of 'health security' and this is exactly why our government used psychological operations (SPI-B) to scare people into compliance and media funded propoganda to shame the unvaccinated and turn society on them. This is why they took liberty from the unvaccinated (even if it was temporary here) - to get people used to using a digital ID (vaccine passport) and to coerce vaccine uptake. We are becoming a digital surveillance state and I fully anticipate we will end up with a Chinese-style social credit system that will be linked to carbon credits in the future. It is obvious the 'climate crisis' is the next crisis. This is where we are - the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic so that they can invoke emergency powers for a declared crisis. They now have the power to declare anything a crisis!

We are being pushed towards Centralised Digital Banking Currencies (CDBCs) because that gives the banks ultimate control over us and how we spend our money. If we don't comply with government mandates, they can switch off our access to money! We have already seen a glimpse of what can happen in Canada with the World Economic Forum (WEF) infiltrators there. They deemed donations to the truckers convoy illegal retrospectively and froze people's accounts! This is tyranny!

I honestly despair for the future that is coming, the future that our so called representatives are ushering in without even consulting us!

I travelled Europe to study the events that led up to the Holocaust because I could not understand how some people could be so evil, and how a nation of people could go along with it. It didn't start with the final solution, it started with propoganda, intimidation, othering, blaming specific heritages and faiths of people for the ills in society and the spread of disease. This is why I can clearly see where this has the potential to lead. When holocaust survivors (like Vera Sherav) and their descendants are raising the alarm, it's time to wake up and pay attention!

Listen to Noah Yuvall Harari and how he refers to us as "useless eaters" and how technology can "give the elites full power and control over us", how "our privacy data will be used against us in the future", and how there will be "a global underclass of useless peole who can't live in a world that is dominated by tech" and how they will use technology to "know you better than you know yourself". He talks of a new phase of evolution and that our age of liberty, privacy and self advocacy "is over". He also asks "what do we do with these useless eaters". Welcome to the world of transhumanism!

This is why I am so grateful to people like you, for fighting the good fight. I have battled tyranny from every angle, every step of the way but it has been exhausting because so many people still have not woken up to what is happening. Yet, even the most hard core believers are starting to ask questions which brings me faith that there is still hope for the Great Awakening over the Great Reset.

All I do know is this:

I will never take a drug that is not thoroughly tested (by my standards having worked in the pharmaceutical industry).

I will never use a digital ID.

I will utilise every other option available even if that means working for accommodation rather than a salary before accepting CDBCs.

They have underestimated one thing with me: my health is my greatest wealth. There is nothing in this world that can be taken away from me that is more important than that.

Here are some things I have done to help stop the tyrrany:

I started shopping at local independent stores (greengrocers, butchers, garden centres etc). These people are less likely to side with tyrranical dictats compared to large organisations. Look at Morrisons, Next, and IKEA. They stopped paying unvaccinated workers sick pay even though a fully vaccinated person could still go to work ill and spread the disease to unvaccinated colleagues. They no longer get my custom! Large corporatons have too much power.

I stopped shopping at Amazon. These made billions whilst small businesses suffered during lockdowns. Shopping locally may take more effort but it has helped me to reconnect to my community.

I have started using cash again. We need to keep cash in circulation to that it does not become irrelevant. Getting rid of cash means there is a greater chance of CDBCs coming in. Transactions are anonymous when you use cash. There is no digital trail.

I have stopped using Google. I don't agree with them filtering information and deciding what I see. I use Duck Duck Go now but even they have started screening Russia / Ukraine information.

I have left Gmail and Microsoft platforms. These people will likely collect your data and they will likely be involved in any digital ID system or social credit system in the future. This is my opinion.

Get off any social media platforms that censor scientists and the scientific debate. If a platform uses uneducated fact checkers who have no scientific qualifications, you can be sure the information they are posting supports the government narrative, not actual science. Many fact checkers have labelled facts as untruths and they don't correct their statements when they get it wrong! Support platforms like Gettr that value free speech, and scientific debate and discussion. That's where I follow scientists that have been censored. Genuine misinformation can be corrected with facts and arguments which is why scientific debate is so important.

I never downloaded the NHS app. I decided to stay home rather than support a system that is backed by people like Blair who have already said "humans need to get used to showing their disease status". We are humans, not cattle!

Support independent journalists. Don't even tune into any media organisation that has pushed propoganda and tried to take away your liberty. If you stop supporting them, they lose income and viewership and will fail. Research the Trusted News Initiative and ask why you have to pay a TV licence fee to the BBC that are supposed to be impartial! Why are they taking funding and ideas from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to control what information we have access to? Why are the Telegraph accepting funding to promote posts by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Have a look who owns the various media platforms! They aren't all UK based!

Keep writing to your MP, the 1922 Committe, and the Conservative Way Forward. Tell them how you feel and how you have been impacted by lockdowns and restrictions. Tell them you reject the WHO takeover.

When our amazing doctors and scientists (like Dr Tess Laurie) ask you to take a course of action, please take the time to do it. It is the only way we can group together to fight tyrrany. It is important now more than ever whilst we still have free speech and freedoms. It will be harder to protest or complain in the future under such a system because laws are being changed left, right, and centre.

Make sure you find time to switch off every once in a while and do something you love. Stressing 24/7 won't help. Keep fighting little and often to protect your own health and wellbeing. Prolonged stress and anxiety can weaken your immunity. You are at your best when you are mentally and physically well.

And above all, know one thing. You are not alone. The ocean is formed of billions of water molecules. And an ocean of dissent is forming right now!

I will never comply with tyrrany.

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I just posted a comment ....copied below..... to the WHO 'consultantion with only 30 mins to go!

Thank you so much Dr Tess for bringing this to my attention and for being such a great leader, role model and force for good in this sad and frightening time for the whole of Humanity. Bless you and the great work you are doing.

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