I give more thanks every day for never having had tv. I missed out on so much of this insidious mind control.

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Not having a TV is my saving grace too!

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The TV news can be used as a early warning device ,to learn what the enemy is up to next .It can be used to watch documentaries also .It can inform about the good and the bad . Finally I decide ,not the TV. Anyway my activity is mostly on the internet not on the TV . In the last four years it would have been of great benefit ,to always do the opposite of what our enemies demanded we do .

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Yes, TV news and documentaries can inform:

What's permitted as the background knowledge?

What's presumed or assumed?

What's taken for granted?

What's not questioned?

What is it possible to think?

(Watch out for ready-made 'problems' that disappear with ready-made 'solutions'.)

How the problem is represented has implications for how the issue is thought about, how the people involved are treated and prompted to think about themselves.

What meanings need to be in place for something to happen?

TV helps me interrogate the 'problem' as it is represented to be.

It can be a fun game!

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They call it a television program/programming for a reason. They're telling us what they're doing to viewers.

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Mar 30Liked by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

I look forward to this interview. Even before the insanity of Stupid 19 was unleashed, I was witnessing increasingly how hard it was to present the many truth bombs that were falling all around. I still recall discovering the 9/11 deception and trying to tell my friends and family that we’d all been duped. The reactions they had were puzzling - not only did they refuse to believe me but they got angry or condescending. How could I be so foolish and gullible they barked while not willing to even look at any of the evidence I’d compiled. And when the March Madness 2020 hit they were lapping up all the nonsense like it was some kind of holy gospel.

In 1967 when I was 17 I met Rod Serling in an elevator in New York and asked him if there really is a Twilight Zone. His reply was “Yeah kid, there is.” Seeing what’s been going on, I do believe him now.

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The surest way to get back to yourself is to question everything and trust nothing. At this point, there is nothing too trust.

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....But own hearts and our intuition.

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Dr .Tess ,you gave the right answer .

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A nice, appealing qualifier, but not completely accurate. "Hearts" - yes, meaning our fundamental motivation - yes, we can trust that. "Intuition": listen to it, of course, in fact pay close attention, as it will tell you things before you can rationalise them; but scrutinise those reactions using any "rational" mechanisms at your disposal, as humans are subject to a long list of cognitive faults, some of which were explained in this video.

For more on this, see the article "Coping with Disagreement and Being Wrong" on the "What Do I No" Substack.

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So true, we have been betrayed by those we were taught to trust.


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Apr 2·edited Apr 2

I agree, Ned, 100%... But i also believe there are those at the "top" of the push for a "reset" who actually want ALL of us to feel betrayed. They purposely direct the betrayals in every possible direction. The unsettling feelings of betrayal, anger, fear, and sharp distrust allows people in high places to swoop in with "solutions" and assurances which many will welcome and even advocate.

Moreover, feeling betrayed will bring people to a daily life of confusion and uncertainty that opens one up to considering whatever new ideas are floated.

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That's a good point. Sowing chaos in the population allows for better control.

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Mar 30Liked by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

Fascinating and enjoyable interview. I could listen to him talking all day.

I think people were pre-programmed to expect some great crisis before 2020. People who bought into the climate crisis accepted this idea that "we are the virus" at a gut level, and were almost expecting some kind of natural karma to be enacted, to re-balance the scales. Some of my most well-educated and intellectual friends seemed to see it as a kind of expected "great levelling", end times for humanity with wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I was a bit like that when I was much younger, back in the 80s, first of all with the nuclear Armageddon threat, when everyone seemed to be talking about Nostradamus and the end of the world; then when AIDS came along, and then with the threat of ebola. By the time of the Milennium Bug scare I was just slightly concerned... when 2020 hit, I thought "Oh not this we're-all-gonna-die nonsense again!"

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conspiracy sarah has done a really great set of posts exploring the predictive programming elements of what came to be. great stuff and very obvious once seen.

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Mar 30·edited Mar 30

Many already realized this mental programming was used on us back in 2020. We described it as “Mass Hypnosis” “Mind Control” “Mass Formation Psychosis” and other terminology, often just ‘hypnosis’, and very interestingly, in short order it became the catalyst that fractured the freedom movement into warfare camps behind either of the Drs Desmet or Breggin, instead of finding antidotes. From where it split further into virus yay or nay, flat earth and onwards. It was obvious from the start people were programmed with repetitious words and narratives, fairytales, the WEF darling and very, very effective as much of the western world has embraced eternal childhood, not adulthood, to sever themselves from detested responsibilities. And as you say, most awake clearly saw the repetitious front and heavily branded wording. It was blatant and in our faces, yet horrifying as we watched it work to overtake the minds of those around us and worst, locked them out from processing any new data. At the time I put forth in forums that we urgently need to use the very same tactics to unlock and free the minds of those caught, as they were unreceptive to constructive discussion. And came under immediate attack that WE are better than using the enemy’s weapons, and if we only explained long and lovingly hard enough, people would snap out of it. You can’t just ‘talk away’ MK Ultra mind control techniques, and strong infiltrators within the freedom movement made sure immediately that the operation went ahead undisturbed, sidelined in infighting. Four years later, most ‘hypnotized’ have completely turned away most sources of information, us, and tuned out altogether, tired of the unrelenting conspiracy idiots. I have polled all the ‘awake’ I personally met for their TV use and nearly 100% respond with a resounding ‘No’. We have lost complete access to the hypnotized , engraved in their emotional fortress of safety and protection serving the ‘parents’ they love, and demi-gods they pray to. This is personal observation, people I engage with on the street, and also now distant friends and family, not the ‘we are winning’ internet lore. Why is this now ‘new science’?

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Mar 30Liked by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

I keep thinking the loyal Samantha is the very messenger into our adaptive consciousness. Thanks for another important interview, appreciate.

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Mar 30Liked by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

What a beautiful and informative interview.

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This interview was fascinating! I now understand more about friend and family reactions to the Covid hysteria.

I also found the discussion on fear of flying quite interesting. I used to fly on business frequently, sometimes 3 or 4 times a month, but that all changed in the late 90s. We had tickets to fly to North Carolina for a wedding. About a month before it, I started having a recurring dream that our plane was going down and my youngest, 4 years old, was looking up at me and saying “why” in a sad voice. I cancelled the flight, drove to NC, and haven’t been able to travel by air since.

Two thoughts come to mind, At least I got to Hawaii on frequent flyer miles before the fear set in, and, with DEI pilots and jab injured pilots it might not be a good time to fly anywhere.

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I read in the underworld press ,that many going to the Davos meetings fly in riding a broom .

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😀 Thanks, I needed a laugh! 😀

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When entering a plain we loose all control to do much anything to save us ,if something goes wrong .Tightening the seat belt will not make a difference .

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I wonder if something traumatic happened to you when you were 4 years old which was maybe triggered by your youngest turning four? I'm fascinated by phobias and used to have a fear of flying. When we're very young, we're starting to learn that we have an effect on the world around us, and if something goes wrong out of the blue, we think it's because of something we did. That was the psychology behind my fear of flying, and as David says, once I got to the emotions that underpinned it, the fear vanished.

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I remember little to nothing from that age. I grew up in a large family, 14 kids, 7 when I was 4. My parents were good people who cared deeply for not only their own children but for the community as well.

My father was alcoholic as am I. I’m a long time sober but the disease killed my dad at age 59. His alcoholism progressed but was not full blown until after I became an adult.

It’s possible but it would probably take more years than I have left to figure out if something in my childhood was responsible.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I think you are right that like alcoholism, phobias can be deep and complex, with no easy formula to explain or ease them. You could spend a lifetime trying to get to the bottom of these things.

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Thank you!

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I'm curious. I've watched a few presentations on mind control and how pervasive it is. But none of the presenters directly address the reasons why many of us don't fall for the dominant narratives, whether it's covid, the vaccine, or any of the other current distortions of reality. Why didn't we fall into fear like everyone else? Why were we able see through the story? Why were we able to persist?

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Hi John,

We often want to view this as on or off, it is likely much more nuanced than this.

Those who saw through one lie had a contradiction that stood out that could not be ignored, or information in their adaptive unconscious had alerted them to see through certain aspects of propaganda. Once you see, you see. I often ask myself what part of my conditioning is hidden from me that is negatively affecting my life?

It is a housekeeping task. Since much of the information is hidden, using observational tests can be useful. If I hesitate to speak up when I should, what is driving that? If I get angry when someone challenges something I say, what causes this? Both are results of our conditioning.

The people who have exposed themselves to censored information will have a broader picture and different conclusions. These rely on the accuracy of this information, our interpretation, and our prior experiences and beliefs.

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David, great to see you on Substack. I've shared your ReachingPeople.net videos and information since I first saw the resource you provide several years ago. I find so much of this interview with Tess to be fascinating, much I'm familiar with since I began my first research into Behavioral Science in early 2020. I didn't know what it was called, but very early on when I saw masks called an "honor badge" in a NPR story in April, 2020 I read through the first 3/4 of this piece that was filled with nothing concrete supporting mask use to find the real prize they were communicating, that masks were primarily of symbolic value:


And being familiar with my history of life in 1930's Germany I knew that the yellow Star of David Jews were forced to wear were also referred to as "honor badges":


And that symbols divde people. Not good.

So I started researching what was the science of symbols in changing minds and behaviors. I'd read articles like this one in NEJM from April, 2020 saying they don't work outside hospitals, essentially the same story I had read in the NPR piece, but adding that masks were "talismans." Not science:


I didn't zero in on Behavioral Science as The Science (TM) of the pandemic until late April, early May, 2020. My earliest social media writings about Behavioral Science I found reviewing my old account export file was May 7, 2020. By then I was already fluent in the terminology, having read about it extensively to make public my understanding of it as the psychological science application of propaganda. Goebbels-ish. That reaffirmed my identifying "honor badges" as a bad omen of where we were heading.

I found and shared this resource at the time and boned up on what was informing the pseudoscientists:


And digested all I could about "Nudge units" both in the UK and US under Obama and Cameron, learning the rules and guidelines, ethics of the application of psychological manipulation.

I even found and shared this piece out of a Harvard Law and Behavioral Science student publication from June, 2020 at the time that attempted to give an even-handed summary of the legality and ethics of mandating behavioral science mind farkery. Attempted:


In early 2021 I came across Laura Dodsworth's book, A State of Fear, at a time when I thought so few other people were keying in on what I had keyed in on as the tip of the spear pressed against the public mind, early 2021. That validation of my research was what I needed to push on.

Allowing my next leap into the field of Ethics:


Specifically Bioethics. Discovering resources like the Nuffield Council on Bioethics guidebook:


Which was a lot of gobblygook ego-stroking for utilitarian ethics practitioners who have no use for Kantian or Virtue ethics. Embracing "a lie in service to a greater good" concept of ethics. The whole, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few (million) eggs" idea of ethics. By "eggs" Stalin meant "skulls":


And knowing that "Stalin's Nanny" is now the Chief Behavioural Scientist at the WHO is of little comfort for future BS declared health emergencies:


And that Anthony Fauci's wife, Christine Grady, remains as the NIH's Chief Bioethicist is of little comfort. They're highly ethical. They'll tell you how ethical they are, no conflicts of interest whatsoever! Because they say so:


Yet, as I recently reviewed the progression of my social media attempts to influence my social network in 2020 and after I see why it failed to persuade. With 20/20 hindsight the information and analysis I shared, my understanding gleaned from enough research time to complete an autodidact PhD voraciously consumed from credible publications, my predictions, pretty much all that I shared proved to be both factually accurate and highly predictive of what has ensued, with all of the pats on my back for getting so much right, I wasn't persuasive. Because it wasn't reaching the "basement" as you describe. The facts were dismissed, ignored, rejected. They weren't contained in a narrative, a story, an emotional appeal that connected with readers, my network.

That's the hardest thing looking back as I spent the last weekend doing. It was the first time in four years that I had read my early writings. So much right. Proven so very right. Because my sources were unimpeachable and truth is truth, facts are facts. But so impotent at influencing minds when I was desperately trying to.

Your website and the information it contains helped make me aware of what I was doing wrong. And even possessing the information you present wasn't enough without the constant practice it takes to use it effectively. In this Substack long form format the links I share above may get some views. In the general public, not so much. I do believe knowledge is power, it's why I chose to get me some the moment I realized everything I thought I knew about how the world works was turned upside down in early 2020. But trying to convey that knowledge power to others was overpowering. The struggle is real.

But your work is critical to learn and share. Because it's not a matter of if, but when the next major BS campaign imposes itself on us in unfathomably cruel ways. Knowing we need more allies to keep their wits and resist. The BS campaigns are always around us, gender, climate, war, energy, currency, food, all ongoing BS assaults on minds. The slow, insidious variety. But we fight our fights, not getting drawn into each and every one. Trying build our allies capable of thinking for themselves again. Helping to reignite their critical thinking skills, being skeptical of authority, mass movements, nudges. By planting seeds of doubt. With narratives that appeal to human emotion. Which is something the BS'ers have demonstrated great skill with. Thank you for helping so many of us try to raise our game to meet our shared threat!

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You did much more thorough research than I did. Nevertheless, my concerns and conclusions were similar. I'd just retired from a medical lab position because there was such a difference in my beliefs about health and what I was told to believe. That primed me to dig deeply into the situation in early 2020. I've been completely ineffective at communicating my concerns to anyone who believes the authority figures. This is clearly where I need to improve my skills. Thanks for the links.

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Good work. Heh one of your ironic unconscious drives was telling Sam to lie down while telling us to stand up (to authority). Is that your given name Charambous? ' Glowing with joy' in Greek. If so there's an unconscious drive. Or did you mindfully and cleverly change your name? Brilliant interview.

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It goes back to ones inherent strength of fundamental values.

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You need dopamine to do anything at all. You get a little, you do the thing, you get a lot back. Consider it petitioning your drug dealer for a gram if you are going to bring back a kilo or for some of you guys it's like the parable of the talents. Most people, if they feel something is futile will be completely devoid of dopamine to do anything about that thing. Your dopamine dealer refuses to supply. Language that is filled with doom and defeatism genuinely robs others of their agency. I really relate to the idea of giving the finger to those people by using cash. My inner drug dealer approves that transaction, I can do it whenever I get the chance.

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Mar 30·edited Mar 31

The whole discussion on mind control (whatever it means) is essentially useless. The reason is that we are all tainted by thousands of impact factors, and we have no slightest idea of them being in play all the time.

Even the choice to read this or that article or watch this or that podcast is already the product of the interplay of a number of conditionings. We are so proud of ourselves when we speak of “control” or autonomy or making my own decisions… Really?

There is a proven path to “understanding” control and self-control, mind and no-mind. The good news is that this path does not exist in the “Western” part of the world. We have never tried to approach it, we have never had inner courage to go beyond control. We simply are not ready.

The better news is that many, many people before us have travelled this path and have left their impressions from the journey.

The very phrase “mind control” shows that we don't understand its contents. There is no mind control. The mind is the control. The control is the mind. These are two sides of the same coin. And neither is real.

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Many people in the East have been completely mind controlled. Mao's decimation of Chinese culture and murder of millions. Ditto Stalin. Ditto Islam. I am wondering why you think the West is particularly vulnerable...

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Please read my comment. Not a single word about vulnerability or particular nationalities. Political leaders (with their “visions”) are transient incidents, they come and go, which is different from the core essence of the people.

The West/East difference I am referring to is not political. And it is not geographical. Actually, it is not about the “West”. We should properly call it Europe vs. the rest of the world. The European world view, along with its branches (the US, Canada, Australia) is different from the world view prevalent in all other geographical regions, including the original, primary nations of the invaded territories. In a sense, it is amazing how America’s native tribes are similar to Australian indigenous tribes and all other ancestral communities anywhere in the world.

It is about a different view of existence, life, humanity, community, social coexistence, time, respect, feelings, obligations, the past, business relations, honesty, we and the nature, literally everything.

This difference is best expressed by the method of welcoming another person. We (Europeans and post-Europeans) shake hands - which historically is a carry over from checking whether you have any weapon on you. In the “eastern” attitude, people bow, expressing respect to each other without confrontational means and without entering the personal space of another.

Neither is good or bad. These are simply different attitudes.

In the West, when you have existential problems, you go to a psychotherapist or a priest and you tell your story. In the East, you don’t have existential problems.

We put our elderly in a cozy isolation and remove them from our own social life - in the East the elderly are assigned smaller tasks and are consulted on different things because their life experience is better.

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Anyone frustrated and disillusioned by their inability to convince people of reality should follow this guy. After you posted this originally I watched every video on David's Reaching People youtube channel and read some of the many books he mentions. I am currently watching a training session on non-violent communication. This was the resource we needed back in 2020 and we don't need it any less now. 'How a movement gets hijacked' is a particularly relevant and insightful video, and I have been influenced to change my approach from disagreeing with the premise of man made climate change to asking if they wonder why the solutions always involve toxic batteries and things made in the most polluting country in the world. With the techniques that David shares for free, even if you can't get through to some people you won't be as attached to that outcome, liberating you from that frustration. I have to admit the order of the videos and website resources is not completely transparent but the subject repetition and occasional rewatching possibly caused me to engage more and learn it more thoroughly. Thank you Tess for sharing and thank you to David Charalambous for this vital education.

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Completely new substances unknown to nature are brought in (with the vaccines). Everyone is talking about the messenger RNA which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex. But every chemist understands what this (the graphene hydroxide) does.

As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades.”

You can make braking pads from carbon structures that last forever. This material has zero biological degradability. It stays in the body forever. Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little.

It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes. As a doctor, you have to ask, where is this coming from?

If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.

These graphene structures (aka monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) are so stable. Every chemist knows this. They are not degradable. The structure is 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. Of course it is a razor.Every chemist knows it is.

The epithel cells are extremely smooth for a good reason, but become rough when cut up like this and things stick to it. By now every idiot can inject this. And when they hit a vein…

Here’s a Petri dish. A normal toxicologist tests using a Petri dish. The material is declared an “experimental vaccine” for a reason. They don’t know what will happen. Every vaccinated subject has to sign that they take full responsibility.

In Germany or Austria, there is nobody with my expertise. The leading German carbon specialist Dr. Harmut von Kienle was my mentor for one year. I wrote my thesis in this field. I started my company in this field and won a business plan competition in Wolfsburg. I won DM 175,000 (€87,500) in the competition. I received venture capital to the tune of 6 million DM (€3 million). I had 10 developers to develop these new carbon products. I know what I am talking about.

And I notice how little doctors know about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body. In small children. In pregnant women. And now you doctors know what you are doing. And if you continue to inject, you are murderers.

The synthetic mRNA of Pfizer and Moderna, along with the viral vector DNA delivery systems of Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, change your genetic code, making you “genetically-modified, but Moderna Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks tells you straight up that 1) the shots change your genetic code and 2) the shots do not stop the spread of COVID-19. He says the Moderna shot is “hacking the software of life” (at the 0:43 second mark, but the whole video is…disturbing). After vaccination you are now Trans Human with zero Rights - a new life form, by Law 2013.

Viral vectors do the same thing.



Karen Kingston-The only problem is that everything we were told about what the mRNA ‘vaccines’ ARE; is a misnomer and a lie, down to the very term mRNA vaccine. The COVID-19 injections are not mRNA vaccines. The COVID-19 mRNA shots are nanotechnology injections.

For example, the lipids and phospholipids in the mRNA injections are not lipids. Lipids are are naturally occurring molecules that make up fatty compounds such as fats and cholesterol. Lipids are part of our cells’ membranes to help control what goes in and out of cells. The ‘lipids’ in the mRNA injections are electronically charged synthetic molecules (not natural) and can host electromagnetic fields. They are electronic devices.

Pfizer’s website states that without the cationic lipid (electronic nanotechnology) there, “could be no Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine.” Electronic Nanoparticles are Not Lipids, They’re Nanotechnology

BTW- a synthetic substance that carries an electronic charge is NOT a lipid. It’s a nanotechnology/electronic device. Being injected with lipids just sounds a heck of a lot better than being injected with electronic nanotechnologies. We were told electronic nanotechnologies are lipid encapsulated mRNA vaccines because no one in their right mind would agree to be injected with an electronic nanotechnology device (activated by 5G transmission)

Have Cationic Liposomes Ever Been Considered a Nanotechnology?

According to the December 2020 paper, Nanomedicine for COVID-19: The Role of Nanotechnology and Diagnosis of COVID-19, liposomes were considered nanotechnologies/(nano-medicine delivery devices) per the FDA’s 2007 Nanotechnology Task Force Report.

By turning on carbon particles and making them carbon hydroxide nanoscale carbon razors, as above - by 5G signal?

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As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades.”

By Andreas Noack - he was murdered by probable lethal vaccine injection in 2019 after writing the above post arguing the carbon hydroxide nanoscale razors are a deliberate military weapon

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Many thanks for taking the trouble to post this.

(Please could you correct the inverted commas in both the above).

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I'd love to, but I don't know how - I see the problem, no start inverted commas only ending ones.

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ah yes: I was thinking one could edit, but perhaps I'm thinking of YouTube comments. Thanks for clarifying though; I thought it was probably that: just checking.

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A lot of control can be switched off very easily with two buttons in your home, the button for the TV and the button for the radio.

ALL TV is a form of mind control propaganda, some subtle and some in your face blatant such as the casting for the battle of Hastings in the latest BBC assault on English history, and I say that as a Scot, and no radio station can get a licence in the UK unless it is prepared to blare the exact same government "news" propaganda at its listeners every half hour every day of the week with no straying from that government line being permitted except in the late evening when stations like Magic cut the propaganda for a few blissful hours.

Free country? My A$%E!!

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Tess, let me simply thank you for providing these informative pieces and allowing open comments. Those who do comment are naturally most in alignment with the others here, and i find my heart is grateful and quite settled by what they say. I absolutely love the feeling of commradery and possible friendship even of people i likely will never meet or see again. I'm telling you, it calms my heart and gives me hope! Thank YOU, and thanks to commenters who respectfully speak their mind.

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this is an important discussion and, at its core, is really a modern look at jungian shadow work!

many years ago i became aware that 'delusion knows no bounds. and it is always the other person's problem.'

as to the unconscious decision making being mostly 90% plus (with memory being at least 50% fundamentally incorrect) bruce lipton discusses this very effectively with the discoveries around epigenetics.

yes, setting aside the ego! lol! isn't that the best of gautama's teachings?

and, synchronistically it aligns with my current examination of the unreasonableness of reason initiated by me being accused of being superstitious. this fits that discussion perfectly! thank you.

thank you for this discussion. it is, for me, confirmation of my own observations and practices.

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Hi Guy,

In regards to the shadow work, this was my observation, the more I looked into the adaptive unconscious. A scientific approach to the hidden forces of the mind. Timothy Wilson has a book that is referenced in the YouTube video that accompanies the article that goes with this interview that has many exercises to elicit in formation in the shadow.

The mind is a wonderful servant but terrible master as the quotation goes. I would also say that your other observations are on point re the mind and its tendencies. I found 'The Sedona Method' a great resource to understand the drives, emotions and feelings.

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thank you for your generous reply, david.

i began doing a jungian-based shadow work in the 1980s following the lead of my dreams. it hasn't really stopped since then. (i might be getting into the deepest levels down in that locked basement now!)

yes, the servant master parable is so strong.

i'm writing about that, arguing that after i was accused of being 'superstitious'. the accuser is, unconsciously i think, coming from a place of the mind's manifestation as 'reason' being the master over the unreasonable. the ascription of reason as masterful — the etymology of superstition is 'to stand over' — over the unreasonable is itself a superstition! at least 90% of what we do is unreasonable, and what little is left to reason is easily trumped by emotion, affect, reactivity, tiredness, intuition, even dreams, etc.

your approach to how to 'wake' up people is excellent and, thank you, supports my own observations and 2022 essay on that and gives me some more bricks and mortar.

again, thank you for a really clean and powerful presentation. we are living in a great apocalypse! amazing, don't you think? an apocalypse and the bhagavad-gita at the same time.

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