Drs are really not interested in anything that might be helpful and goes against the narrative of the big Pharma drugs like chemo for cancer. My husband recently had HPV related cancer of the tonsils. We had special testing done in Europe where they tested circulating tumour cells in the blood against Vit C, Artimesia & Cucumin. Results showed that Vit C killed 45% of the cells in vitro, Artimesia 15% and Cucumin 85%!! My husband had the usual radiation/chemo treatment plus taking large doses of cucumin. He is in remission from 2yrs ago but the Drs really were not interested in these findings. We even donated a large sum of money for research but they wouldn't do any research into this discovery, and dont think that they would be recommending it to any similar patients either. No money to be made by the hospitals or Pharma, they have it all sewn up and the general public is suffering as a result

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My cancer patients who agree to take ivermectin seem to be doing exceptionally well. Our treatments already have a high rate of remission, but ivermectin seems to be making a helpful additional treatment. I cannot isolate that variable though, because as a cancer clinic, we are obligated to every patient to give them the best combination of synergistic treatments that we know. So this is merely my opinion from treating cancer patients for the last 16 years, and being impressed with the recent addition of ivermectin over the last 2 years.

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"Veterinarians are more advanced than doctors when it comes to the anti-cancer potential of ivermectin."

Thank you for a great, much needed post!

Antiparasitics, such as HCQ, fenbendaziole, and ivermectin (IVM) may have an immuno-modulating effect of upregulating the TH1 arm of the immune system, which fights cancers and virus-infected cells. Many folks have an overactive TH2 arm, with an underactive TH1 arm. Some of these antiparasitics may bring TH1 & TH2 back into a better balance. Just saying that this is worth looking into .... Not saying it would work for anyone.

"Cancer, Deworming & Fenbendazole

Cancer is much less common in undeveloped nations; could regular deworming be the reason?"


Should we be surprised HCQ (and ivermectin, too) were made more difficult to obtain here? Couldn't be becuz of the influence of Big Harma, could it? Rhetorical questions.

"Fenbendazole, ivermectin and HCQ are kryptonite to Big Pharma."

~ Fen Ben at https://fenbendazole.substack.com/

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Andrographis is the herbal form and I take it everyday. I believe it works. 💜 Surviving so far

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It clearly wasn't coincidence. My sister's friend is Indian and as she was in India on holiday last week my sister asked her to get some Ivermectin for us as it is an over the counter medication there. When she went to the counter with it she was grilled about what she was going to use it for. They were most anxious that she didn't want it for treating COVID. This for an over the counter drug there that she needed no prescription for. This evil cartel of death and disease preventing people getting effective cheap drugs has gone far enough. I still can't get the world's safest drug, Ivermectin, in the "free" UK.

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Thanks for sharing this. I've hoarded three full prescriptions of IVM from the "pandemic" and usually take one dose monthly for gut health. I'b looking for a good holistic doctor now - someone with an open mind.

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“deserves twice its Nobel Prize”

I just loved this line!❤️🙏

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Have you read Joe Tippens cancer blog? He has used dog dewormer for his cancer and has been NED for a few years now. Maybe we should all be going to veterinarians for our health.

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"Using repurposed drugs for Cancer treatment" by Dr Jeffrey Dach calls ivermectin " one of the greatest medical accomplishments of the 20th century" and has a section on how it has been used.

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Fascinating. I worked on Avastin and now manage oncology clinical trials.

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I have used multiple times a site out of India called alldaychemist.com Great customer service and no issues with mail delivery so far. There is up to a month turnaround and one needs to use Bank draft for payment. Thankful to have found this supplier as well as https://covid19criticalcare.com/treatment-protocols/ for dosage recommendations.

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This is so interesting.

What a shame there are no trials to prove that this drug might help in cancer. Just because there is no profit for the pharmaceutical companies 🙈

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It does fall to patients and doctors to research 'off label' alternatives that might prove effective. There's no getting around that, once the original patent has expired, no longer is there any $$$ to be made for it. There's no getting around that.

The inconvenient truth is that each of us must eat everyday, so like it or not - however noble or ignoble our sensibilities may be may be - each of us must earn enough money to buy our daily bread. The devil is in the details, as how to get around that. Generic off-patent drugs, once intended to make drugs more affordable to more people, have been declared 'out of bounds' by regulatory capture by the pharmaceutical industry - you couldn't get ivermectin when you most needed it, during the recent pandemic.

Oddly enough, continuing the patent rights for a developer in perpetuity would have served us better in retrospect. Should we return to it? The old system would have solved the supply problem, but at what cost?

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I had ovarian cancer last August. The massive tumor was removed, and a hysterectomy was performed. I am extremely lucky that nothing else was needed.

But, from the research I’ve read, there ARE excellent cures for cancer! I think there always have been, but the greedy medical cartel hides these cures.

I have looked at these cures, such as

Fenbdazole, etc.

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When I had a cancer diagnosis 2 years ago, I was told about Panacur C (dog wormer) and its cancer fighting properties in conjunction with diet and other things. As my cancer was of soft tissue and needed surgery urgently, I didnt get chance to try it along with Chemo but have linked a research paper which claims positive results and a link to one of the several treatment regimes. I would love to hear if there have been other positive results. It was a further reason why I was quite happy to have panacur in stock (for the dogs obviously) and also to purchase ivermectin when the madness started - we have available to avoid the quacks!



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