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I struggle to think of anything more evil than the organised and (literally and figuratively) underground abuse of children. The dark, depraved deviants deriving pleasure and nourishment from this sordid exploitation of defenceless minors comprise a craven cancer that needs complete excision from our society. Courageous testimonies like this, although very difficult and uncomfortable to watch, shining a light on the horrific crimes perpetrated by so-called elites give me hope that if enough of us find but a fraction of your bravery we will eventually overpower the paedophilic powerful and rip out their long-established networks of control. Thank you Max and Dr Tess.

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"People often think that child abuse and this evil industry is something that happens only among poor people and in poor countries... However the largest market for this organized crime is the USA followed by Europe"

OK Tess, what is the contradiction here? USA IS a poor country (we don't have money - we have a HUGE debt) ...

Also, "Europe" is NOT a country :P... Of course, in its fascistic conception is supposed to work as a monolith... but it doesn't :P. Sure, Ursula may act as the unelected Queen of Europe... but make believe doesn't make it so :P.

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Hola, Tess:

A good salvo from you on this important issue, which seems to be coming into my purview with great regularity in recent weeks in synchronistic ways.

I would love love LOVE it if we all stopped using 'paedophilia' to describe what is actually misopaedia (misopedia) in order to bring the language in line with what it actually is and with the other hate descriptors, misogyny, misandry and misanthropy. Tereza Coraggia using the word pedo-sadism. Also closer to the truth of what is. It is important, often, that the words we use accurately represent the reality of what they are describing. ("It is amazing, sometimes, how far away the name of a thing lands from the thing itself." —David James Duncan). Propaganda is most effective when the language we use does not align with the truth of what it is describing, to summarise Orwell.

Have you seen Anneke Lucas' disclosure of the horrific and widespread presence of Satanic sexual abuse, physical torture, death and cannibalism of children at the highest levels (for example the leader of Belgium and the head of Germany's planned parent hood in the late 60s and early 70s). It is the single most horrific thing I have ever encountered and at the same time perhaps the most inspiring.

This is a long and riveting interview done in 2022. Important and powerful.

Epoché #003 - Anneke Lucas and Brecht Arnaert


Ted Talk by Anneke


You may also find this book of value. It looks at the socialisation as a good the sexual exploitation of children.

The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse by Jasun Horsley. Connects the expansion of traumatising children as a means of social engineering as directed to a significant degree by the Fabians. Fascinating read.


WEF pedophilia overview


France passed law to legalise sex with children.

New Zealand wants age for sex to be reduced.

Johnny Rotten and Piers Morgan - on the previously banned/censored BBC interview of

Johnny Rotten's 1978 outing of Jimmy Saville as (government supported?) extreme paedophile.


From The I Ching:

When we are faced with an obstacle that is to be overcome, weakness and impatience can do nothing. Strong individuals can stand up to their fate, for their inner security enables them to endure to the end. This strength shows itself in uncompromising truthfulness with themselves. *It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any sort of self deception or illusion, that the light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognised.*

I Ching 5 Hsu / Waiting (Nourishment) p.25 Baynes/Wilhelm

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This was a mind-blowing interview! Informative, inspiring, horrifying and yet very hopeful, which is quite a feat. Thank you, Max Lowen and Dr. Tess Lawrie! I would like to share a cartoon I did a few months ago that links to an article on Stop World Control that references UN and WHO guidelines attempting to normalize pedophilia: https://open.substack.com/pub/annecantstandit/p/who-grooms-kids?r=qowdg&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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This is such a horrific subject it is easy to see why it is swept under the carpet . Congratulations to you both for sharing and tackling this difficult subject. Max i am in awe of your strength to be able to share your story and Dr Tess thank you for asking the hard questions.

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Speaking of the cycle of abuse and social momentum, both negative and positive. The vulnerable children are the key to enslaving society. Or the opposite, the sound of freedom. 🤔 Miseducation, or education, is important.

“What society does to its children, so will its children do to society.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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First class interview, Tess, Max! Ties together all the aspects and exposes what I believe - and Max so eloquently described - to be HOW the top-down control structure has been kept in place, through secrecy, blackmail and the selling of people's souls. As the evil is revealed amongst the masses, so the 'power' of the secrecy and the ability to blackmail withers and evaporates. Our job: to have the courage to acknowledge it, expose it and to step into our power and say 'no more'. If Max (and others) can do it, we can and must!

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Dr. Lawrie, at 8:35 you had just commented about how hard it is to believe these child exploitative activities occur, and "how is it that there is not a wider awareness of these activities?" I liked Max's explanation of the control structure in place in all areas of government and society, manned by people who need "power over" others, who protect the (Satanic) system.

I am going to briefly explain why it is hard to believe without jumping into the weeds too far. ☺️

I have listened to a few Disaffected Podcast(s) on YouTube, by Josh Slocum. I like what the "former Leftist" has to say.

This is his website, through which you can contact him if you want to interview someone with the personal experience to explain "crooked thinking." I believe he would be happy to talk with you. 😁


Josh sometimes uses the term "narcissistic reversal." It is a key concept necessary to understand devious, unempathic, abusive behavior. You can't understand where a morally relativistic, self-justifying demon "is coming from" without narcissistic reversal.

"Narcissistic reversal" (my understanding) is the self-deceiving process of "turning everything around" to serve self, because we all have the power to "frame" our personal realities. Narcissists (psychopaths, Machiavellians, Satanists) just take this to an extreme. In the process, they cut themselves off from cooperative reality and create an alternative reality. Narcissistic inversion is necessary to make ego-self god-like. The Dictator of the universe, where everything is upside down. Good is bad, ect. The "victim" is the abuser. The mask wearing "street angel" is the "house devil." The narcissist's pleasures are dependent upon someone else's pains.

They are literally 💯% parasites as Max described them.

People can't recognize as "true" something "evil" that is outside their experience. Because it is disgusting nonsense to relatively good people, who have empathy for others. It doesn't yield (euphoric) "dark ecstacy" to betray and brutalize the innocent and vulnerable (like in the inverted reality of narcissism).

I suppose I could use Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies as an example. "You don't know the power of the dark side." Speaking to non-woke Luke, explaining why he couldn't change paths and practice good behavior (without it killing him).

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The UN have been promoting this insidious agenda for some time. The problem is that most parents aren't even aware what their kids are being taught at school. Teachers are basically grooming children and, what is most concerning, is the complete lack of teacher whistleblowers. The decent teachers out there need to start standing up for the children they are supposed to protect

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Dear Tess, I'd like you to know that I was deeply impressed by your ethical approach, your sound analysis and your rational compassionate arguments surrounding the lack of use of known safe medicines. I have spent time regularly online over the last 3 plus years hearing your views en toute.

However, I need to let you know, in kindest, why it is that I can no longer listen to or read your work from now on.

Primarily due to one issue.

A rather significant one.

To witness you succumbing to a well designed legal psy-op, one that has been simmering for some decades in the background and which was perfectly ripe for the 'fanning of its flames', when Covid came on the stage. And as with all pys-ops its requires a grain of truth upon which to build a seemingly rational delusion and delusion it is.

I speak of the 'Birthcert' - 'Legal versus Lawful' presentation you are entering into and encouraging. You may wish to bear in mind, that this has already lead to serious outcomes in the real lives for those attempting to follow this scam.

In your field - as I originally came upon you in early 2020 I fully acknowledge I wouldn't be qualified to analyse as you do, in the area of your expertise.

But in my own area of expertise, law (with 4 yrs investigating this scam) I can only implore you to turn away from that scam for fear you and your newfound public platform will drag many good people down a road that leads nowhere desirable for healthy and harmonious living in this life. I wish you well on your path.

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dr fred klenner found that vitamin C, IV, could Cure polio, measles and other diseases that vaccines are used for. I think this should be mentioned when downplaying childhood vaccines.

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