Bruce's story is a testimony of hope? Does his story relieve or take the Myocarditis away? Because he's come forward and at least admitted that he is jabbed injured only goes to show just how deadly the jabs are and what they do to your body rather than offer hope. The 100,s of studies I've read and Dr's reports tells me he's far from being out the woods. Let's just be blunt you take two jabs you get Myocarditis, actually your running carreer is OVER. As demonstrated by Bruce himself after only 4km he was stopped in his tracks. Unless he goes out and now finishes at least a half marathon and a couple of park runs ( which I highly highly doubt) without incident there is no way that it can be claimed that in this short time his story can inspire others. It's dangerous to even mention that especially since athletes in particular are dropping and have dropped like flies in the last 15 months. I'd love someone to ask Fordyce WHY he took the jab. Let's have his answer please. Influenced by vitality?

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Sadly many people were gaslit into taking the jab and many have died as a result. Bruce may not be out of the woods yet but his testimony is hopeful in that following detox measures there was demonstrable improvement. I will ask Bruce to speak with us on an upcoming Better Way Today episode.

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Jan 11Liked by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

You know, it's very easy to judge others especially in retrospect. We might all remember the old adage " there but for the grace of God go I" It's not just a case of old enough to know better. I was fortunate in that my life path and connections to various people meant that I smelt a rat from the off. But there was and is a tremendously sophisticated propaganda machine at work. And many were simply too trusting. I think we really need to tap into that well of kindness and put ourselves in the shoes of others. It's horrible what's been perpetrated. We need to stand together moving forward.

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Well said Carol!

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Medical knowledge suggests that once heart cells and brain cells are damaged, they will never return to their original state.

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He took the jabs ,because he was or still is a smart ASSS. Is he wearing a mask also when running .? I have no patience with idiots . They are the ones who made the non maskers and non jabbers look like criminals .They get what they deserve .

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Yes, why did he take the jab? He was more than old enough to know better. And had access to all the same information we did. He chose to believe in pharma, and messages from corrupt government, media, and celebrities. Why? No sympathy, he chose the wrong side, the evil side.

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You are right on ,they had no mercy about what we went through .They where or still are part of the med. terror . Now they ask us to cry them a RIVER .?

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The kids, and those coerced to be able to keep their jobs deserve full support and sympathy. Those who willingly lined up because they believed in those telling them lies, like they had for decades pre-covid, are the enablers of the destroyers. Sounds a bit over-the-top, but it's not, unfortunately.

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When the jab came about, I refused it because it was pushed and I did not see the need for it.

It took a while for the harm to show.

I have a history with myocarditis, I was bedridden for 8 months when I was 16.

Now I keep counting my blessings for refusing it.

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No doubt the best decision you ever made.

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Just after I made the comment above, I wave of guilt washed over me for not being more forceful insisting to my wife not to take it either. I explained her reasoning in

https://zorkthehun.substack.com/p/the-real-cancer but that does not help her dealing with her remorse and anger over her decision. Every now and then I blame myself.

When she took the jab, the side effects were not clear yet. She knew that it was pointless but the evidence was not out yet on the harm and danger.

I was rebelling against the coercion, the manipulation and the propaganda and I couldn't make myself to demand that she takes a (basically) political stance with me.

She is not blaming me, but I do blame myself.

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Nice work mate and I'm particularly happy to see another one of the original legends mentioning microscopy, honourable mention for Dr Chetty. We need more people with serious credentials and acknowledged expertise in medicine to weight in on this.

I have no idea why looking at the physical manifestation of he blood is considered quackery, it shows in real time exactly whats happening in thw blood and plasma.

I would be willing to pay for an experts professional opinion on what I'm seeing because the bloke I used has never seen the like until the rollout. Since the rollout though has lost track of entirely new images and no explanations to be found.



Am willing to pay and keep the doctors confidence/identity. The above doesn't look normal to me and some of the images from vaxxed people I convinced are as concerning as well.

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I would also like to see a test to confirm whether a person has been violated (jabbed) while under surgical anesthesia.

I had emergency surgery after exposure to my son , bleeding for two months , a 5 lb mass , complete hysterectomy " weird white streaks" all over my uterus per MD Anderson...

The jab was dispensed per my paperwork in spite of vehement refusal, they assure me the batch would be recorded if they indeed jabbed me.

As a three time vax injured family , where entire file cabinets supposedly " walked away" so no records available, I have great anxiety about this.

Plus we need confirmation if indeed shedding infects us like all the rodenticide products tested in Australia.

I wish I could have had an honest biopsy of those " streaks " never before seen by MD Anderson ob/gyn cancer doc

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The only way you can know would be your medical records or if as you say they "lost" them, a whistle blower.

It may take the serious threat of legal action for them to find the cabinet, they'll have it though, somewhere in case its needed.

Personally I would lose my shit mate and consider it attempted murder. This is the problem when there is no consequences for grubby behaviour.

I'm so sorry mate, maybe consider paying Dr Ryan or Mike Adams that analysed the clots from Richard Hirschman.

Shedding, 100% i believe its real. More importantly Pfizer certainly did or at least the potential is


"Inhalation or skin contact" was the exact wording in Pfizer's clinical trial protocol document (linked below). Pfizer *anticipated* that people coming into contact with the study participants (the ones receiving the Pfizer "vaccines") either via “inhalation or skin contact” might exhibit SAEs (serious adverse events) or AEs (adverse events). read section 10.4.1, (pages 132 to 133), where it states, and I quote: "Male participants are eligible to participate [in the study, where they would receive the Pfizer Covid "vaccines"] if they agree to the following requirements during the intervention period for at least 28 days after the last dose of study intervention [the "vaccines"], which corresponds to the time needed to eliminate reproductive safety risk of the study intervention(s)." Read that part and what follows, as men receiving the jabs are then told to REFRAIN from having sex with a "female of childbearing potential." How many men taking the Covid jab have been warned not to have sex "for at least 28 days" after their 2nd Covid jab? According to this Pfizer document, anyone not knowing about that warning has potential to cause "reproductive safety risk”.

Also be sure to read sections to (pages 67 to 69) -- Pfizer anticipated what is now being referred to as "shedding" of the vaccine contents from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. https://media.tghn.org/medialibrary/2020/11/C4591001_Clinical_Protocol_Nov2020_Pfizer_BioNTech.pdf

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Thank you , I read that !

The file cabinet was at the famous children's hospital where my son was hospitalized twice after mmr , and I was gaslighted thoroughly. Then I was injured by hep b vax , and gaslighted again at our famous university hospital....

The records are where I found the dispensation , without documentation of the batch . The pharmacy said that info would be there if it had been injected.

I have little faith.

The same MD Anderson doc tried to get me to agree to an iodine contrast MRI also , I have that allergy from an injection of radioactive iodine years ago and asy reaction takes three days to manifest , her assurances of her being present to intervene was thoroughly eviscerated by me .

As someone who frequently shepherds friends and family to doc , ER , and hospital , my faith is sadly non-existent.

I also had a Doogie Howser cardiologist try to triple my BP meds after being stuck five times in an attempt to give intravenous potassium....instead the nurse gave a tablet , but Doogie wouldn't listen

Needless to say Doogoe got dismissed.

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I understand the lack of trust because most aren't worthy of it. When my mum got stage 4 cancer I flew back to nurse her, watched a young arrogant pos in palative care kill her. I argued with the pos over the weekend that he was overdosing mum and he said the dosages were right.

When the head doctor returned on the Monday it turned out that mum "appropriate dosage" was incorrect and double the maximum allowed for her body weight.

Aside from the harm to mum, myself and my sister ask yourself the harms to that young doctor as a human being.

He slipped away, no punishment no nothing and had killed a person slowly and horribly. Forever he knows he is compromised and when you cross a line, the line is much much more easier to cross. Easier to justify until you get a batch of selfish, self centred, entitled scum.

The magnitude of the crime is the shield that was planned, ultimately millions are guilty of crimes against humanity and they know it, both the planners and the complicit. Justice goes to the deepest pockets but there was a time it went to the hardest will. Hard times make hard men and hard men make easy time, unfortunately we're back at the part of easy times made soft men and they/we have created a terrible time.

We have hard times ahead and people are oblivious to a coup that is underway and a bioweapon administered already.

We wake people up or lose, they'll either shield us or hand us in. This is where people like Tess etc are critical, they bring credibility to the table and a quotable expert.

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I feel you on that.

I'm very proud of myself , they killed my mom 12/28/23 by giving her bp med , ,Valium too fast while I was giving her ice water . The vagal nerve reacted , causing a grand mal seizure . I heard the doc talking to the nurse about " iatrogenic" , I calmly stepped back and let them know I KNEW WHAT THEY DID.

She .had a DNR so we were shunted to a back room to sit with her while she passed.

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I'm so sorry mate.

This is what happens when selfless belief fade from the person. If you don't believe in the ideals behind the position you should not be in it. Most should not have a position in care because ultimately they care for themselves more than anything else.

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Wow he looks terrible.

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Reading the comments I would say what is needed is more hope and more kindness. I understand why some people are bitter, but bitterness will get us nowhere. And I believe everything is potentially reversible as long as we don't stay trapped in the 3rd dimension of Western medicine. We haven't even begun to tap into energy medicine yet. There is possibly much that has been kept from us. I have personally experienced some pretty astonishing healing from a specific application of phototherapy which, had you asked me 2 days ago, I would have said nah, not plausible. I am a veterinarian , so am a pretty boring and evidence based. But what I can say is that there is a lot more out there than we were taught.

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Pretty sure this turns into the unusual white long fibrous clots the Coroners find...

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2 reasons why he is not good example for case to prove jab is cause: marathon runners don’t come out top on health and longevity. And just look at his diet!!!!!

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