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Tess Talks with Robito Chatwin

Self-healing depression & suicidal ideation through meditation

Robito Chatwin is a full-time meditator, hypnotherapist, and creator of the uplifting Covid Positive News Telegram channel. Given his calm, contented state of being, it is almost hard to imagine that he experienced depression and suicidal ideation as a young man.

In this conversation, Robito shares his story, including how his determination to discover what happiness really is led him to quit his job, leave his home town and travel the world. His decision to step into the unknown led him on a fascinating journey of healing and insight. Today, he helps others to heal themselves through meditation and the support of hypnotherapy.

Robito is an active member of the World Council for Health Mind Health Committee where he regularly holds online guided meditations in the Connection Room. You can join this Telegram chat to receive reminders about Connection Room events.

For more about hynotherapy, please visit Robito’s website.

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