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Let’s not let fear or anger rob us of our compassion

Please watch this gripping documentary about vaccine injury – and then take action

I want to draw your attention to an important documentary that needs seeing and sharing as much as possible.

A Letter to my MP (ie. Member of Parliament) includes first-hand accounts from vaccine-injured men and women from UK CV Family. It is a difficult watch – their stories are painful and shocking – but it is essential we do not look away. Given the abuse many of these people have experienced, they have shown immense courage in going on camera to speak the truth. It behooves all of us to have the courage to listen to them.

Here in the UK, one member of parliament has taken up their cause: Sir Christopher Chope has proposed a Vaccine Damage Bill calling for an independent review of injuries caused by Covid-19 vaccinations and of the adequacy of compensation. As this film points out, just six MPs attended the first vaccine damage debate in the House of Commons in March.

If the politicians charged with serving their constituents can’t be bothered, who can? Few doctors, apparently: as this film makes clear, many doctors appear to be either in denial about vaccine injury, or at a loss as to how to treat it. Old media have been disgracefully silent on the matter. Until people start talking openly about it, this won’t change.

During the Better Way Conference, psychotherapist Dr Christian Buckland offered an important insight as to why people don’t want to acknowledge vaccine injury. Namely, that if you have already been vaccinated, you don’t want to find out there may be a ticking time bomb inside you. Unfortunately, it’s also the case that some of those who are unvaccinated angrily dismiss vaccine injury as some kind of just desserts.

Whether we react in fear or in anger, both responses threaten to rob us of our compassion.

I don’t want to live in a society that ostracises and mistreats its injured. So if the politicians won’t listen and take action, we need to pressure them until they do. Members of UK CV Family have written to their MPs asking them to pay attention: how about we do the same?

One thing that was crystal clear at the Better Way Conference was that the power of the people really is greater than the people in power. I warmly invite you to email your MP – or your country’s equivalent – and send them the link to this video. Consider sharing this film with anyone and everyone, in fact.

We don’t have to be strident about it, or even get political: this is just a matter of inviting people to watch, so they can draw their own conclusions about vaccine injury – and most importantly, start talking about it. The more we have these conversations, the harder it will be for politicians and doctors to ignore, and the quicker vaccine-injured men, women, boys and girls can get the support they need.

A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie
A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie
Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​